Beta 0.4.20140201

  • Added support for resolutions:
    1680x1050 (sort of)
  • Added card counter and percentage of chance to draw a particular card.
  • No longer checks for duplicates when loading top image.

Beta 0.3b.20140130

  • "Reset marked card" button now resets cards as intended.
  • "Duplicate card sensitivity" granularity increased. Scale 0 to 100, default 30.

Beta 0.3.20140129

  • Fixed this black button bug (I hope).
  • Marked card no longer reset to unmarked on "Scale up/down" and on "Load Bottom Image..".
  • Renamed "Reset all" button to "Remove deck" since that is what it accually did.
  • "Reset marked cards" button created over the "Hide/Show buttons" button. It looks lika a recycle sign and will set all cards to unmarked.
  • Mouse over tooltip for "Reset marked card". button and "Hide/Show buttons" button.
  • Made duplicate card sensitivity changable since som had problems with duplicate not beeing detected. Please report what sensitivity level works best for you. Scale 1 to 10, default 3.
  • New supported resolution: 1680x1000 (Sorry, was down and that was all the screenshot resulotions I had to work with).

Beta 0.2.20140127

  • Can load two screenshots on an HearthStone deck and merge them together to make a complete deck.
  • Deck is scalable from 20% to 100%.
  • Cards can be marked as drawn by clicking the "-" button next to the card.
  • Only support 1920x1080 and 1366x768 screenshots right now. More resolution support is planned.


  1. Hey

    Works great in arena but won't work in constructed with 2 halves. Seems to go a bit funny. Would be great if you could fix it.

  2. It doesnt work with exactly 21 different cards, the program doesnt notice the last card which is a little cut of and there is no scrollbar with 21 different cards.

  3. Hi , Great app ! Works fine, just keep improving it a little, tweeking it to perfection. Only thing I would like to point out is that you should put a button to lose the windows bars on the left side , because now I can not narrow the program and remove the windows sides ( seeing as you have to open up the right side again to remove the sides making the window bigger)