Saturday, February 1, 2014

New version: Beta 0.4

So after a few days of great feeback I made som changes.

Most important is to support more resolutions so I have been fiddeling with that. I'm struggeling to have it work well with the lower resolutions. In this version I have added support for:
  • 1360x768
  • 1440x900
  • 1680x1050 (sort of)
  • 1840x1000
I say "sort of" for 1680x1050 because it's not as good as I want it to be.

I also added a card counter and a percentage of the chance to draw a particular card left in your deck. "What the chance I topdeck my X?". This also works as a check to see that you accually got all the cards when you loaded your screenshots. Note that cards that you have two or more of you have to mark as that by clicking the + button, otherwise the card counter counts them as one. 

Last thing in this version is that it no longer checks for duplicate when you "Load Top Image" because there will never be duplicates. Thanks to lordbulb for pointing that out.

On my list for future versions right now:
  • Try to support lower resolutions.
  • Save deck (to file). This will be great for constructed decks so you can load it later and don't have to reload the screenshots every time.
  • Save number on a card (when you have more than one of the same card) so it don't reset to 1 when you press the "Reset marked cards" but rather reset to the saved amount. This will remove the task or +'ing card between game.


  1. just a smal question, do you really think everyone have a big ass monitor? why whould you leave the most obvious resolution out of the first version?

    i have maximum resolution of 1024x800 because HS have this as limit, so i cant use your program.

    1. As I said in post you have commented:
      "I'm struggeling to have it work well with the lower resolutions."

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  3. Hi, great app heltid! Really easy to use and has a neat interface.

    The % to draw a particular card is nice, but it would be even better if you could add % beside each of the cards, depicting the specific chance of drawing that card (which would change as the game progresses and other cards are being ticked off) - similar to how the deck tracker on arenamastery(dot)com works.

    Looking forward to the next update =)


      That's an even better example of what I'm talking about.

  4. and what about higher resolution like 1920x1080 ?

  5. please, need explainations on the lastest vertion with the "duplicate card sensitivity"
    when i load the bottom screenshot, it always seem to take the "top" of the 2nd screen, even if i made a constructed deck with 0 duplicates

    also, the lastest card in the deck seem to not interact with the "-" and "+", when the deck has no duplicates

    1. Shity addon. Same happens to me. plus u have to manually turn on/off any cards u use making the addon basically an annoying picture that is wrong for half of it

  6. There is a slight problem i am having with this version of hearthdecker, if you decklist is 21 cards long and not 20 then hearthdecker will cut the 21st card from the decklist however there is no scroll bar in hearthstone to even attempt to add a bottom image. So you basically stuck losing one card unless you can cut 1 card from your list. I am sorry if this post was Double posted had a slight glitch with google chrome

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